Drupal triumph for Key Accounts and WordPress is liked by SMEs

What are the open source CMS most used in business? Which of WordPress or Drupal generate the most positive or negative opinions … ?

The french specialist Smile asked to 1373 professionals to analyze the penetration of these tools and content management. Many companies and businesses in the CAC 40 SMEs participated ( 95% of respondents report directly involved in the choice of CMS for their business ) .

According to the survey, it’s WordPress that tops the most open source CMS used: 1 in 4 surveyed would use the CMS.

On the podium also included Joomla ( 17.63 %) and Drupal ( 14.64 %). SPIP is fourth with 8.4%. Other tools ( Typo3 , eZ Publish, Liferay … ) not exceeding 5 %.

Drupal open source CMS used in most large companies

But the ranking is different if only the votes of large companies with more than 1,000 employees are retained : it is Drupal which tops this panel with 22% of positive responses to WordPress (18%) and Joomla ( 12%).

However , WordPress triumph in small firms (under 20 employees) with 40% of users. Joomla is used more in this segment (28%). Drupal (16%) and SPIP (12.63%) are the other two Open Source CMS.

avis positif sur les cms open source

Joomla and its many detractors

The study then turned to the opinion of respondents , CMS by CMS , asking them their views on the quality of their tool. To the question ” What is your opinion on these CMS? ” , they had a choice of three answers : Negative, Neutral or Positive .

WordPress which is obtained both as positive feedback ( about 7 to 10) and also the less negative (less than 5 %). WordPress has also increased the number of positive ratings collected …

If WordPress is lead on this issue, three other open source CMS follow : Drupal , Liferay and Plone. Drupal retains its position as the second , but the percentage of positive ratings fell sharply in a year. Plone behind in fifth position , Joomla saves almost 45 % positive ratings .

The negative opinion, Plone , Typo3 , Joomla and SPIP has the largest number of critics : the proportion of negative reviews they have gathered more than 20% each. CMS Made Simple, Drupal account for, them , very few negative votes: less than 10% .

But as Smile reminds us in his study, these results must be :

“A good CMS in a given context is not necessarily best suited to another context, in another project, beyond the instructions given. In this study , do not hesitate to try, to touch, to evaluate tools, always keeping in mind your needs and expectations: this is the real key to successful implementation of a CMS . ”