The success of an e-commerce website online is strongly related to choosing the right CMS. And since there is a wide range of options, it is often very difficult to make the right decision.

We propose to consider the two main platforms: PrestaShop versus WooCommerce. Both can lead to a profitable store but each will do in a different way .

What is PrestaShop and what are its main advantages?

PrestaShop is a PHP / MySQL open source created specifically to build an online store solution. This is a French platform that is completely free to download and use. It now turns over 125 000 stores and has been downloaded over 2 million times all over the world. Prestashop has gained popularity thank’s to his intuitive and its admin panel. It has rich features that are implemented by default ( 310+ functions).

Some of its main advantages :

- User friendly. The platform is intuitive and easy to navigate / use the back office and front office. It is easy for you to manage the store and all your customers will find the lure of a modern online store.

- Scalable and customizable. PrestaShop has no limitations on the quantity of products, customers orders, inventory levels management, etc. In some case, features are not available by default ( payment / shipping gateway specific, location, integration with Facebook, etc.) you can easily add the desired one with 2000 extensions available on the official market plugin and module. In addition, since PrestaShop supports Smarty technology, you have full access to the source files and it’s easy to customize the design (html skills dev / php are mostly welcomed). You can either download one of the free themes and change the way you need or create a theme from scratch to meet the specific needs of your business.

- SEO, marketing and analysis. You may be a perfect store with high quality products, but if nobody knows you, you can’t make any money with. Prestashop offers a comprehensive SEO tools that will help you get a good page rank in Google. To start promoting your shop, a huge range of marketing functions (coupon codes, discounts, etc.) are available. With activity reports and integration with Google Analytics, you can track marketing campaigns results, promotions, conversion rates, sales, etc.

PrestaShop is undoubtedly one of the best open source solutions available today and many online retailers have decided to migrate from WooCommerce to PrestaShop.

But there is a fundamental difference between the two solutions. PrestaShop is an independent solution that is focused on the question of a pure e-commerce website. So the main point to emphasize is that you have a complete and ready to use right commissioning tool. It is nonetheless quite complex and a professional web seems essential to start your store: graphic customization, setup and configuration of the modules you need, online payment, SEO… For a relatively low cost, your online store is sure to start with a good foundation and you greatly increase your chances of selling through a procedure and specific advice .

Let’s go and try Woo Commerce

WooCommerce is an eCommerce plugin for WordPress. It was created to add the functionality of a complete tool for online sales for the largest CMS in the world (over 70 million sites). WordPress is the perfect tool to build any type of site (blog, forum, image gallery, etc.). With one click, you can install WooCommerce, a magic “plugin” that allows you to create an online store while retaining the flexibility, scalability and the incredible wealth of WordPress.

What’s this module and why would you have any interest to migrate from PrestaShop to WooCommerce ?

Look more closely at the benefits that make this platform an interesting tool to take into account :

- Rich in features, WooCommerce remains one of the best for WordPress eCommerce solutions. All the basic functions includes all the tools needed to start your online business, including: products, customers and orders management system, shipping and payment options, summary reports and marketing tools etc. With a theme editor and full access to source code you get a perfect solution for small and medium businesses.

- Stable and ready to use. Unlike most other eCommerce plugins, WooCommerce is bug-free and free. This solution is followed with a large community, new versions come out continually to improve the experience.

- Compatible with WordPress plugins. WooCommerce will work more harmoniously with the latest extensions, including with the most popular SEO addons. So you ‘ll be able to add even more features. In addition, through its official website, WooCommerce offers a market with plugins designed specifically for the platform.

In conclusion, if you need a blog or a website with special features that go beyond simple store, WordPress + WooCommerce is the perfect option. If you need a pure online store with a full range of eCommerce features, then it is better definitely choose PrestaShop.