You need a corporate website?

You own a small company? run a startup? Before building a website, we will need to talk about your project. What are your needs, why are you really up to pay me to put your business on the web. Yes, 80% of websites are made to increase turnover, catch new customers and worldwide visibility.

Corporate Website development

You need a Content Managing System as WordPress or Drupal? Which one? it will depends on your needs. And only your needs. Both are great CMS but each very particular.

E-commerce website, WooCommerce or Prestashop?

Sell online is great to develop your business. We have to optimize your website. The customer has to click a minimum of times to buy “fast buy”. How design your website? get a customized template or a brand new design? Which paiement solution, paypal, clickpay, visa, mastercard paiement with your bank etc… and main question: which one you should use, WooCommerce or Prestashop?

Search Engine Optimisation, be found on google

Be online is marvellous, but if no customers can reach you on google, it is definitely useless. We will work together on some specific strategies to grow your traffic, and help customers who need your services to visit your webpage. Especially in London, you have so many competitors, you must be placed first page on google.
If you need a google adwords campaign or a facebook advertising campaign, i can help you find the best keywords and reach the right client.

Domain Name and Web hosting

If you don’t have your domain name yet, we will register one together. And then, find the best solution to get your website online. The server’s spec have to be defined by your needs, traffic, database, country and security.