The use of mobile devices is increasing, 29% of today’s browsing and at the same time, the variety of screens and resolutions has never been greater.

If creating a mobile site meets specific uses, how to offer visitors an ergonomic and smooth navigation from any device?

Responsive Web Design (or adaptive web) is a technique that allows to design a responsive website, including interface adapts to the consultation terminal: smartphone (30% of global marketshare), tablet (10% of global marketshare), computer, TV.

Using a “soft” layout that dynamically stretches the content and display specific instructions, the images will reduce, enlarge and move according to the size of the screen. The texts are fluid and become playable on both PC, tablet or smartphone. We offer visitors the same information with the same graphic, but in a different layout.

Having a responsive web design site will allow you to enhance your image, increase traffic and increase your conversion rate.

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